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Electrocodeposition of Metal Matrix Nanocomposites

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Metal matrix nanocomposites consisting of ultrafine particles in a metal matrix are promising candidates for advanced materials due to their beneficial electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties. A variety of preparation techniques, such as thermal and plasma spraying, chemical and physical vapor deposition, powder metallurgy or stir casting have been investigated for developing MMNCs. Among those the process of electrocodeposition, i.e. the process of particle codeposition during the electrolytic deposition of metal, has the advantages of uniform depositions on complexly shaped substrates, low cost, homogenous distribution of particles, ability of continuous processing, and reduction of waste. Unfortunately the simple ad-hoc approach of putting particles in a standard plating bath and using established plating parameters does not work very well. Several techniques to increase the amount and improve the distribution of codeposited particles such as the application of pulsating current, the usage of special hydrodynamic techniques and the application of magnetic fields in the case of super- paramagnetic particles will be discussed.

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