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Nationwide Children's Hospital (Columbus)

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Nationwide Children s Hospital is a primary pediatric hospital in Columbus, Ohio, with more than 950 medical staff members and over 6,800 total employees. In recent years, the hospital has been ranked as one the best hospitals in the United States by US News & World Report. It is also the pediatric teaching hospital for The Ohio State University School of Medicine. In 2009, Nationwide Children s Hospital had 18,472 inpatient discharges, performed 18,873 surgeries and saw 914,456 [outpatient] visits. The hospital system has 125 specialties within its main downtown campus and its 34 outpatient care centers throughout the central Ohio area. These include seven Close To Home Centers, which offer diagnostic and therapeutic services, and eight Primary Care Centers, which offer primary care check-ups for children from birth through age 21.

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